The link between knowledge and capability leads to economic solutions.

The link between knowledge and capability leads to economic solutions.


More than 75 years of competence in the manufacturing of wire articles and the develpoment of wire solutions for household and industry.


In close contact with our customers we support them in finding an economic solution for their tasks.

Total Cost of Ownership

We look at the whole life cycle of our customer’s products from the aspect of cost-efficiency.


Our company relies on the use of state-of-the-art methods and techniques.

Innovation in Process

We create these by concentrating on the optimal combination of quality and efficiency in the development of customer-specific processes.


Optimal quality at each stage.

Optimal quality at each stage.

Variety of material

Low carbon steel, stainless steel, bright, electropolished, galvanized, plastic-coated surfaces.


Manufacturing of highly complex products in automated process cycles.

Series Production

Consistent quality at high production speeds.

Quality Management

From automated quality assurance to recorded individual quality tests.

Our offer

Your demand determines our offer.

Material and shapes

You decide on the materials used and the designs to be achieved and we develop the economic process to it.

Short reaction times

We achieve high flexibility and speed by profoundness in topic, modular processes and flat hierarchies.

Delivery on demand

In case of corresponding agreements the timing of our production and delivery based on your parameters is possible.


We take our responsibility seriously.

We take our responsibility seriously.

Social responsibility

As an international company, we bear responsibility for the people in the immediate vicinity of our company and the communities in which they live.


To live up to this responsibility, we are fully committed to social activities and environmental protection. We are happy to provide all interested parties with an overview of this commitment.


We attach great importance to keeping within the framework of legal regulations at all times and to ensuring that our conduct meets the requirements that we have set as benchmark in our corporate guidelines.

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