Economic wire solutions for the industry

DRADURA is one of the leading international manufacturers of wire solutions.

We supply different industries with industrially bent, sturdy and high-quality wire products. As supplier and partner we support our customers in finding a solution for their requirements with functional wire products and the realization of economic manufacturing processes.

Our strength lies in the finding of innovative ways

About us


The in-house R&D department includes a prototype production where e.g. 0-series and small batches can be produced.


We construct and build customized production plants and machines for your products as required.


In order to achieve an economically optimal production process we consider all process-related options.


Our production engineering in use guarantees smallest tolerances also with high quantities.

International presence

Since the mid 70’s Dradura has pursued the strategy of internationalization.
Our locations

This has been realized by opening new production facilities in Poland and the USA and acquisitions of a network of plants in Europe. Within this structure Dradura is able to react to production transfers of the industry directly and above all locally. High flexibility regarding the capacity needed is guaranteed as well as a high security of supply.

Careers with DRADURA

We believe our employees are the key to our success.
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